Heating and Cooling Setpoints Set themselves way higher than I ever would

So as I finished watching TV tonight I felt like I finally felt warm enough and I could back the heat down a little bit. Much to my surprise, no wonder I’m feeling so warm, my heating setpoint is at 88 and my cooling at 91. I was shocked those are not numbers I would ever enter manually or tell a SmartApp to do under certain scenarios.
Now seeing as how cold it is I have been fiddling with the temperature quite a bit and I am using an Apple Homekit bridge, so there’s a possibility some bits got crossed when I sent the last setpoint change. Also there’s a possibility that my 1 year old who grabs my wife’s phone frequently could have done it from her little control center, which I really love so don’t tell me to turn it off, but it doesn’t explain the cooling setpoint because when it’s in heating mode Apple only shows that setpoint, like a proper little HMI should.

Now like I said I’ve got lots of fingers in the gears so who knows what happened but I wanted to record this and see if anyone else experienced something like this. Of course being someone who has been targeted by cyber-fraud and account theft (not ST) all within a few months of each other is also a bit leery that that could be what is afoot… Anyway I’ll keep my eye out.

The smartapp or device handler you are using may automatically being setting the “gap” between the heat and cool set points that the thermostat needs to maintain to avoid the HVAC constantly switching between heat and cool modes. I know the device handler I am using keeps a three degree difference between the heat and cool setpoint. So the heat is 70 and cool cannot be less than 73.

Yea I get what you’re saying, thanks for the input. I don’t have any SmartApps that do that, it was just really weird behavior. Haven’t seen the issue again yet, so we’ll see if it becomes a real issue instead of a fluke.