Temperature Sensor With Probe?

Are their any Z Wave temp sensors that have a probe on them. I want to monitor the temp of my hot tub with one. Right now I have one that just reads out on a weather station in the house, I tape the probe to one of the pipes by the pump. Seams all the sensors are just sense the air temp and don’t have a probe to sense the temp of a specific object.

This will Sound a little odd at first, but Fibaro makes an RGBW light controller which can also accept sensors as inputs. So it’s commonly used with probes, particularly for pond features.

Fibaro also makes a contact sensor which can be connected to a probe.

See the following thread for more discussion ( this is a clickable link)


Here is another odd way but could work really well for you because this is using an On-Off switch rated at 16amps with temp/humid sensor input capability so you could use it for maybe controlling the hot tub pump or heater controller as well.

Sonoff TH with using a DS18B20 temp sensor would be another alternative to consider. Doesn’t use batteries, very inexpensive. It does require you to flash the firmware for a simple custom add-on for gaining an On-Off control plus monitoring of temperature and humidity. You can get them on Amazon but I put the link to a manufacturer website for the full specs all on one page.


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The CAO wireless tags outfit makes an outdoor probe to which you can attach an DS18b20 waterproof probe and leave it inserted in your hot tub. I use it.

The outdoor probe looks like a short electric toothbrush. It costs $50. The needed hub is another $50. A 10 foot DS18d20 is under $10. You can add unlimited other wireless tag sensors to the hub. I have about 20.

2020 Update

Unfortunately, it looks like the Fibaro doesn’t work well with the new V3 app. And with Ifttt now charging a monthly subscription, the CAO maybe less attractive. Sonoff is still a good choice if you are comfortable flashing the firmware.

Otherwise, Qubino makes a Z wave module which can use their own temperature probe. You buy the two parts separately. The Smartest House sells these, so I would expect they will keep the DTH up-to-date for the new app. :sunglasses:

You buy the two pieces separately. Here’s the probe. That page also has links to the Z wave modules that can work with it.


They have a sale on
Which is the best set up for 10/2020 , for the temperature only

Works well too, I have 2 of these with temp probes. My only complaint is Zwave reset/unpair is a huge pain as it’s difficult to get into exclusion mode.

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That looks like an expensive way with the Qubino Z wave, if I was to get a cheap Sonoff TH10 with a waterproof sensor ,would that work with ST, if not just use the echo dot for temperature reporting thanks