Temperature Sensor Recommendations

whoops, was thinking of the Sonoff sensors. You have a link to the tuya temp/humidity sensor?

I just bought it from ebay mate.


I will have to get one! Thanks for the recommend. Do they suffer from drop offs?

I have an aqara temp/humidity sensor in both the freezer and fridge and have had no battery issues.

I’ve never had any drop offs just works as expected add as a thing then changed device type to smartsense temp/humidity sensor.

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Amazing. Thanks for the reply. Bought!

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@Adam_Young I just check on Amazon and directly on their website. $50US.

Sensor itself is $18, the rest is all shipping.

Have you tried aliexpress or ebay as I’m from the UK prices are different for myself.

I have never had any drop off issues with aqara sensors. I don’t know why so many people do but it may be related to your zigbee network. I have hubs in each room.

It’s not the usual network issues. It’s because the original models reported exactly on the hour which is per spec, but because there can be a little bit of lag in the network, The device might’ve been marked off-line before the check in message was received.

I agree that if you have a hub in every room, that might solve that issue, but that’s not going to be practical for most people.

If you have the Aqara device choose an IKEA tradfri pocket socket or bulb as its parent, That usually solves the problem because they are a little more forgiving than the spec actually requires.

Hey mate,

Trying these again with SmartThings which DH are you using?


For my Aqara temp sensor, I use:
bspranger : Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor

Device type. SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor


I have never kept my Aqara sensors online for more than a couple of hours. All of mine are sitting in a box unused. If you go the Aqara route, but one on Aliexpress for $8 and try it out. If you have good luck, get more. If not you aren’t out much money.

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Pair them very close to the ST Hub and leave them there for 1 day. Do not, I repeat, do not pair and install immediately after. After they sit by the Hub for a day or so, they will continue to be reliable on the network. At least, this is my experience and also testimonials from many other who experience the drop offs.

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Been there. Done that. I had it sitting directly under the hub. Stayed paired for about 3 hrs, then dropped.

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It’s going through different repeaters that I find makes them drop off. I have moved away from them and haven’t looked back.

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Works great! Along with virtual Alexa switches can create some really powerful automations.

Have one in the freezer and one in the fridge out in our shed over 150 feet from the hub. Never have any dropoffs or failed messages. I can’t stress how good the Ikea pocket sockets are at being repeaters. For $10, they have made a rock solid mesh all around our house and yard. So if you want to use aqara devices, that’s the best way to do it in my opinion.

I use the aqaras but not in the fridge. The SmartThings leak sensor gets better battery life there