Temperature RANGE Thermostat? Smart Things Noob!

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Brand new here, looks like a pretty nice website.
So, Does anybody know if any of the smart thermostats currently available are capable of using a temperature range rather than a single arbitrary number as it’s temperature setting?

Here’s what I’m trying to describe: I want to be able to set a maximum and minimum temperature range on the thermostat. Let’s say I’m heating my house and I want the heat to turn on at 63 degrees and heat the house until it’s 70. When the the temperature hits 70 I want the heat to shut off and let the house cool back down to 63 before it turns on and heats to 70 again.

Does this characteristic seem like any of the smart thermostat solutions that are currently available any of you folks are aware of? Seems like every thermostat I’ve seen wants to just heat around a single temp setting and it makes the furnace constantly turn on and off trying to unrealistically maintain the temperature at that single number.

I don’t particularly care if the thing know when I get home from work or when I get up in the morning; I just want to keep the temperature in a specific RANGE not at one specific number.

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Most thermostats support an auto mode (sometimes called heat-cool), which have you set a temperature range. Of course the HVAC system needs to support the core abilities for this.

So Nest, ECObee, and I’m sure many others do what you want if your HVAC system is capable and compatible. I suggest you look at different websites to decide if supported or not, and if integrated with SmartThings.

I don’t know if a thermostat that does what you are liooking for by itself but there is an app called CoRE (search in the forum) that will let you manage heating set points basen on conditions. E.g set heat to 70 when temp drops to 60; set heat to 60 when temp reaches 70.

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On most higher end thermostats there are adjustments that allow you to change the run time and possibly the number of degrees below the set point that call for heat. I doubt that it would allow for a seven degree swing as that is not desirable for most people.

Exactly the same question I have, I am looking for a thermostat where I can set a temperature range.
I have a Honeywell which doesn’t do it, is there now a thermostat in the market that does what you described?

Unfortunately I have unable to find a “smart” thermostat that does this. Only the older Honeywells from the 1990s with the green backlighting seem to have this function.