Ecobee automation - From Off to Home at Set temp?

Hello! I’m looking to kick my Ecobee on and to begin heating when the Ecobee system alert for low temperature is triggered. The reason being I’m using this in a cottage that I’d like to keep at a lower temp than the lowest temp available on the Ecobee of 45 when I am not there.

So if I could leave the system off and trigger it to turn on when I get a low temp alert of say 38 I’d be accomplishing what I need. Ideally once a temp of say 42 is reached it turns off again.

I don’t have the skillz to program this, any ideas or help out there?



This would be pretty easy to do in Stringify, which is what I use since I’m not a coder either. I’m sure you could do it in Web Core, too, but I haven’t taken that leap yet. My brain doesn’t think in code, but Stringify I get. In Stringify, I’d use a temperature trigger to turn on the Ecobee and another one to turn it off. No low temperature warming needed. Btw, 38 is a little too close to freezing for my taste. Are you sure 45 isn’t sufficient? Lol