Temperature Map in Smartthings?

Hello Everyone,

I realized I almost have a temperature sensor in every single area of my house (most of them are actually door or window sensors that double up as temperature sensors) I even have them around the house as motion/gate/temperature sensors. I was wondering if anyone has created an add on to show a heatmap of the house so I can see which parts of the house are consistently warmer/cooler and see how efficient my AC system is. Even if this is a 3rd party paid solution Im willing to pay to get this feature. Of course it will require me to upload my floor plan.

Any advise is greatly appreciated!


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Be careful with ones mounted to exterior doors, windows, walls, etc. They will show a different temperature than something a foot or so away from the exterior surface.

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Did you find anything?

No unfortunately. Do you know of any open source system?

I might try using this https://www.patrick-wied.at/static/heatmapjs/
I dont have any experience in anything like it so if I get anywhere with it I will update.

Thanks. Interesting site but not sure if it allows uploading of floor plans and sensor locations and sensor data. Also the “heat map” is pretty much targeted for mouse movement to track webvisitors. But really cool find! Wish it was open source.

you are right. that wont work. the frustrating part is I have all the data from the sensors, I just need to find a way to graph it over my floor plan.

Anything new on this topic?