Get Sensor to log data to google sheets?


I have an Aeotec Smartthings Hub along with the MultiSensor 6 and the Hue Motion Sensor. For my use case, I’m looking to get the sensors to log motion detections to a google sheet - similar to this tutorial here: GitHub - loverso-smartthings/googleDocsLogging: SmartThings Google Sheets Logging.

I can create the spreadsheet and webapp easily enough. However, when I get to the “Create the SmartApp” it all falls down. I am unable to create a SmartApp as it appears there are no options to do this. Does anyone have a walkthrough on how you can do this?


Look this topic

Is there any way to do this without an always-on computer?


I think it is needed. @TAustin

Hubs can only connect to local LAN IP addresses. To connect outside the local LAN, you need a proxy.

Many people are using the following third-party option for logging. I don’t know if it would meet your needs, but you can check out the thread. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

As far as “creating a smartapp” smartthings introduced a new architecture recently, and they no longer provide a free Groovy cloud to run smartapps. So anything older than 2023 referring to SmartApps is likely out of date.

You can still write your own smartapps, but you have to host them yourself, and then come in through the REST API, which is a whole different process and somewhat more complex than the previous method. But more scalable.

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