Any way to track and record temperature readings?

So I have several devices around the house that report temp readings. Is there anyway to log those over time to see what the fluctuation in temps are near those devices?

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You can use IFTTT to create a spreadsheet for SmartThings temperature sensors.
Ir use Core to send you to send you a text if any temperature sensor changes.

Thanks. I want to be able to track the temps throughout the day, so getting a text would not be as helpful.

Is there a guide or example of the IFTTT spreadsheet setup? I’ve never used IFTTT before.

Grovestreams is super powerful, but too expensive for me.

Ecobee provides some graphs if you use their sensors. The old ecobee interface is in some ways better for charts. You just have to find the url.

Wireless Sensor Tags offers excellent free charts for temperature and humidity. The graphs are one of the reasons why I’m replacing most of my sensors with their stuff. You can drill down, create graphs with any number of the sensors, look at historical data. . . .

Here are some stills:

There is a lot more detail available in the actual graph. You can mouse over any data point and get details. The percentages are more fine grained. And you can select sections with the mouse to zoom in on.


CoRE can log to google sheets also.

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Yes, see my roundup that was posted above.

Personally, I use InfluxDB and Grafana, and get charts like these:

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Here is an option.

You can setup an IFTTT to take a temperature from a sensor and add it to a Spreadsheet on your Google Drive.

I cannot work out to do this. Have you an example or can you explain further.

Hi @Tim_Mclean,

I used to use the IFTTT integration for this.
You can have a spreadsheet created on your google drive or dropbox and have an action to record tempreture changes to this spreadsheet by IFTTT.

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Hi. Thanks. I had tried that solution. I was looking for something similar but that would run every time the temp changed so I could plot a graph for each sensor.

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I am looking for the same solution. I want to be able to plot a temp over time graph based on data from my SmartThings motion and open/close sensor temp data. There has got to be a way to leverage the info that comes through the notifications and spit it into a Google spreadsheet, right?

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Take a look at my post.

Does the Smartthing hub recognize these sensors or are you using them to monitor temperature separately?