Temperature Graphs

Is there anyway to get the temperature graphs back to line graphs? The bar graphs are not useful and scaling is not good.


Good question. I much preferred the line graph.

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Guess you mean v3 app, me too

I agree, i want line graphs back instead of present graphs.

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I think we need more people to state there opinions on the temperature graphs in order to get the Samsung Developers to make a change.

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I agree, when the line graphs changed to bar graphs in the “new” app I was very disappointed. So it was an app update that did this?

The only place I still see a line graph is in the Illuminance section of my Aeotec Trisensor.

It seems to me this line vs bar display should be an option somewhere.

Yes, about two-three weeks the graphs just changed to bar graphs. I called up Samsung and they told me it was an update and they would let the developers know. I asked if I could contact the developers and they basically told me to post something on this site.

All my sensors are bars graphs but I agree it should be option and they need let us choose the scaling and time frame… this information is one of the reasons I used Samsung.

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