Temperature controlled bulbs not working

(V Tank) #1

Hello all,

I have the OSRAM lightify temperature controlled bulbs installed in my room. I was able to control the temperature at one point when I first bought them a while back, but with the latest updates, the sliders in the app to control the temperature don’t tend to do anything at all. The number just stays at 5000K. If it is a temperature controlled bulb, the numbers should range between 2700-5000K or something like that, but when I use the temp slider, the popup number goes between 0 and 99, which is not how temperature is controlled. I don’t want a bright white light at night; that’s why I bought the colored bulbs! I want the colors to get warmer at night, but that doesn’t seem to work on this app anymore.

Also, the dashboard only includes Smart Home Monitor. We should be able to add more stuff to the dashboard for easier controls.

Another suggestion is that we should be able to disable a certain Rule without having to delete it completely. It helps for debugging purposes or for quick on and off.

I also have an Apple Watch that I like to use a lot. I’ve created several routines (6 to be exact) on my iPhone, but only 3 of them show up in the Apple watch app. Does anyone else have this issue too? Any help would be appreciated!

EDIT: The temperature issue has been fixed now. Apple Watch issue has not been figured out either.

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Same issue here, just noticed it this morning. Getting a 0-99 and not the K level adjustments. Changed to a few different device types and they all have the same issue. Thought it was just me…

(John) #3

Hasn’t worked for a few weeks (or at least that’s when it started). Contact support.


They (support) said it’s an issue on their end and someone will look at it.


No reply from Support yet but I checked and the temperature adjustment was working ok on my bulbs this morning.