Temp/humidity sensor

I just purchased a hub and temp/humidity sensor and it is not connecting to the hub. I have tried all the troubleshooting steps, and the iPhone app just keeps searching for it. Any help? I am still pretty new to this!

What kind of temperature/humidity sensor is it? (eg. Manufacturer/Model) Is the sensor fully powered - either plugged in or fresh batteries known to be working?

Many of the battery powered devices have a button on them that you have to press to start the pairing process. Sometimes it’s hidden under the battery cover.

SmartSense Temp/Humidity Is the model made by smart things purchased directly from the smart things website. I did all the troubleshooting and reset the device and it still will not pair. It has a battery, I completely removed it, reset it and still does not pair.

You should contact the support team. They should be able to help you.

It sounds like the sensor is likely bad, but I agree with the others that you should contact support. They might see something on their side that indicates the nature of the problem and will be able to help you.

i did contact them 1.5 days ago… I guess they are super slow… Not good for a new customer!