Temp-based Heat-Cool Change on Thermostat?

Is there an app out there that automatically changes a z-wave thermostat from Heat to Cool (and vice versa) based on set boundary temperatures? For example, if the unit is set to Heat at 70 degrees and the temp goes to 74, the unit automatically switches to Cool. Then, if the temp later falls to 66 with the Cool temp set to 70 also, the unit switches to Heat.

Does anything like that exist? I have a fairly modest house. Programming a thermostat for routines wouldn’t save me more than a 20 or 30 dollars even in the extreme months, but during fall and spring there are a lot of days where temps vary greatly from heat of the day to middle of the night… Part of the reason I got a z-wave thermostat was to let me change from cool to heat when I’m not at home. However, if there’s a way to automate that change, even better!

If not, where do you go to start learning how to code in this environment? Is it possible for a person with somewhat limited coding skills to learn this? I do a bit of scripting with my job, so it might be a fun project to try my hand at (assuming it’s not too far over my head).

Just looking for some information. Thanks!

Check out my git hub.

App is called “temperature based thermostat mode”


That’s perfect. One question: In the setup for the app, it asks which mode to change it to when temperatures are between the high and low. I just didn’t set anything there, since I just want it to change based on the high and low temps. Will that cause any issues? It let me click through that screen without setting anything.

Thanks again!

Shouldn’t cause any issues. If you see anything weird let me know:)