Thermostat mode director not able to change ac mode

Hello, I’m using the thermostat mode director to keep the temprature in a certain range. When the temp is above 79. It should switch modes to cool and if it’s below 77 to should switch to heat. I receive the notification from the app stating that the mode had changed but, on the thermostat it doesn’t change. I’m using the Honeywell zwave thermostat. Any assistance would be highly appreciated.

Tagging @slagle , who is the original developer of published marketplace app. I suggest grabbing my enhanced version, which also includes setting desired temperatures, if you are comfortable to copy/pate code in ide…

You can grab this version from here…

And here is another thread if you want to see how the new app looks…

Thank you for sharing the code. I was able to install and configure the app but, the app still unable to control the thermostat. I tried using the thermostat temp Sensor and the multipurpose samsung sensor to get the app to switch between AC modes with no luck. It doesn’t even push the notifications or read the temp in the house. Do you think I’m missing something on the thermostat itself? Do i need to reset it? I have amazon echo, should i remove the thermostat from the echo application?

Thank you


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I have two Honeywell zwave thermostats using with this app, so is strange that’s not working for you…Do you mind pulling the logs from ide by enabling both the debug and info toggles (under “other settings” section) so I can take a look?

I will and email you.

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So, i did it and i can see errors on the webpage. how can i send them to
you? screenshot?

I got it to work. Thank you so much for your help. I revisited the
Thermostat configuration and the auto switch for the modes was disabled on
the installer’s mode. I enabled it and it works now. I really appreciate
your help and time

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Was the configure in the thermostat or the app?

The thermostat itself

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Ty for the reply. I’m using a centralite azela thermostat and I don’t think it has a auto mode on the thermostat. I was hoping this app would work to do that since mine doesn’t. Ty anyways


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