Teckin Plug Times out during setup

New Teckin smartplugs
New Echo Show
Attempt to setup. the Teckin plug times out before successful setup
Router, phone and plug are within 4 feet of each other
default and AP modes fail x 4 times each

This forum is for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ Home Automation platform. So all the questions and answers are within the context of that platform. (It’s a very busy community, so it often comes up near the top in general Google searches for Home Automation, but it’s not a generic home automation forum.)

Since the Teckin Devices don’t work with SmartThings, you probably won’t get many answers here. :disappointed_relieved:

Your best bet is to contact Alexa support, they are usually very helpful.


Using smartthings app

I don’t see Teckin on the list of devices You can choose from in the app, So it’s the same FAQ. If a Wi-Fi device doesn’t have an official integration, you have to try one of the methods in the FAQ.