So frustrated with smart plugs

Guys I have come to the end of my tether. I have bought 2 lots of smart plugs JOMARTO and Coosa and I cannot get these to link to my WiFi. I have followed the instructions to the letter, I have tried all the suggestions and even switched my router from dual to 2.4. But nothing, it keeps saying connection failed. I am so frustrated I want to send my Echo back. Can anyone help please.

This forum is for people using the SmartThings home automation platform. So all of the answers that you get will be in the context of that platform, and unfortunately neither of those two brands work with SmartThings. So I don’t think we’ll be able to help you here unless a community member just happened to have some of those models.

The echo works great with quality smart plugs, but some of the very cheap ones from China are problematic. (I have echoes throughout my home, And about six different brands of smart plugs, all working well.) Amazon makes its own smart plug which works well, or the WeMo smart plugs are also good, and often on sale.

Since we really can’t help you here, I suggest you get in touch with Amazon support and see if they have any suggestions.

( this is a very active forum, so it often comes up near the top of Google searches for general home automation questions, but it really is specific to the Samsung home automation platform.)