Electric plug not connecting to Alexa

I have the Teckin smart electric plugs (the ones that do not require a hub). I connected them to my Alexa a few months ago, but today my Alexa could not find them. However, the plugs still work with the Smart Life app.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get my Alexa to find the plugs again? I have tried resetting the router, the Alexa, and pulling the plugs from the wall, but to no avail.

Sounds like a question for Alexa support. I have always found them very helpful. :sunglasses:

With these plugs, are you able to natively control them in Smartthings? You mentioned Smartlife - is that the custom Smartapp which people are using for LED strips?

Thinking of getting one or two of these but dont want to rely solely on GA, Alexa and IFTTT as I use Webcore extensively for automation so keen to make sure the switch can be control through Smartthings.