TCP still not working

I got the info that you need to put the username and password, then resync up the TCP. But, it STILL doesn’t work. Right after I do this, I can get the bulbs to work, then the next time they won’t. I have 4 TCP bulbs on 2 different motion sensors.

Anyone else having issues and have figured this out?

Did you have them set up in ST before? I found I had to remove them all and readd.

Yes, they have been set up in ST for a while. I was thinking of removing them all and re-adding, but was hoping to avoid that step.

If you clear the data (however you do that) would it work?


It did for me. I tried to avoid it too especially because they told us that was not going to be a necessary step. It was a major pain as I have 30+ lights. And to do that I had to remove them from the many SmartApps they were associated with. It took me over an hour to get things mostly back to the way it used to be. But after I did that it did work and the issues that I had were gone. YMMV.