TCP Hub needed for TCP Lights

Is there a way to connect the TCP lights to smartthings without having to buy the TCP hub?

No there is not. They are LAN connected devices and the TCP hub is the thing the SmartThings Hub connects to. No way around that one. For Phillips hue bulbs there may be a path forward to connect directly since they have ZigBee radios inside the bulbs themselves.

Thanks any word on integration with the new GE wifi bulbs?

check out this thread. it seems others are using the GE bulbs with success. I am making the switch since I have not been able to reliably use the TCP bulbs since I bought them.

It seems like most bulbs are using Zigbee, Hue, GE Link, even Wemo (haven’t seen Z-Wave bulbs) so I was curious what protocol TCP was using and why if it is LAN connected, would even need a hub. It turns out they are using 6LowPAN. For a writeup on 6LowPAN, have a look here

@Ben will we see a SmartThings Hub which will support 6LowPAN or do you think this is a standard which will not become popular?

6LowPAN is a part of Thread which we have plans to support — probably not until Hub v2 rolls out, however. (and that is not to say Hub v1 won’t support it — I am just not sure about that yet)