Any A19 light bulbs with official integration yet?

Besides the Philips Hue which is in the labs area, is there any other bulbs that has official integration status?

TCP I thought h did but they broke something with firmware update and I have no idea when that will be back to normal.

I here ge link but so far just see it is by using code and creating device type stuff

Now I hear Cree connected by it doesn’t look like SmartThings officially supports that either. I see you can probably get it to work with custom code though.

I’m looking for something that is official and will work all the time, not might here and there with custom code. If there isn’t any one official yet, is there any word on how soon either TCP or Cree will get official integration?

Anyone know or have any timelines on if we are close. And close as in end of this month maybe next month latest. Thanks :smile:

Choose PRODUCT at the top of this website and you will see a link to all devices that have been officially tested. Make sure you click the small “i” on the far right if there is one, some devices are only partially supported. Anything noted as “labs” is still in beta.

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My Hues work fine with SmartThings using the Hue Bridge connectivity. This ensures that I still can use Hue apps anytime.

The Hue Bridge is compatible with other ZigBee Light Link Bulbs, so I have added 3 GE Link bulbs and they also are accessible just fine in ST (though ST thinks they are color).

I think new Cree bulbs are Hue Bridge compatible too… I am going to buy some soon as find out.

TCP bulbs are not ZigBee and cannot share Hue Bridge.

How did you get the ST App to see the GE Link bulbs from the Hue?
I added my GE Link bulb to my Hue hub, but when I go into the ST App, the Hue hub only sees the Hue bulbs.

Also Cree bulbs are Hue Bridge compatible, I saw in another thread where others were adding them to their Hue Hub.

Just used Bulb Discovery page in the Hue Hub service manager SmartApp installed under Labs in your Dashboard.

I’ve heard the process is not stable / consistent, however, but many people find it works.

i followed these steps to get my bulbs working with the smartapps, however two things of note:

  1. the smartapp isn’t in labs anymore.
  2. the discovery of the bulbs took a really long time: Something like ten minutes to find 4 bulbs.

I was having a consistent problem with two of my bulbs dropping off of the st hub. I’m hoping it will be a more consistent experience with them on a dedicated zll hub.

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as far as i can tell, i lost functionality doing this though. the original bulbs i could edit and set a speed of dimming and brightening for transitions. I can’t do that now.