Tasmota full featured Device Handler for RGBCCT bulbs

I’ve spent quite a bit of time freeing myself from the clutches of Tuya and putting Tasmota on all my capable devices. My primary environment is SmartThings and I needed the two to work together but I found the existing device handlers to be rather basic so I wrote my own.

I won’t go into the details but there are a number of capabilities that are not obvious from the screenshots.

  1. The device handler works around the SmartThings limitations to support a quasi-synchronous model of placing calls to Tasmota. When in “Reliable” mode, requests and responses are correlated to keep the UI in sync with what is actually happening on the bulb. In “Speedy” mode, the request is made to the bulb but we don’t wait around for the response.

  2. The device handler supports both individual devices (1:1 via IP) or multiple devices (1:N via MQTT) so you can have a single device in SmartThings classic and control a whole roomful of lights.

If you are interested in learning more you can get documentation and code here:

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wow, this looks awesome. Thanks!

This is awesome – Just got some Lohas/Tuya Bulbs today and am going to try this out.

Thank you work the good work. I have been trying to use your code to create a new device handler in smartthings IDE. But when I click create after pasting the code, I get the following error:

Org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not execute JDBC batch update

Can you please help with this?

This is amazing work. I’ve got all my bulbs up and running with your DTH. I did have to delete all of the emoticons from the code in order to get around the JDBCException error when saving. I’ve tried putting them back in with no luck. Have you stumbled on a reason as to why you are able to have them in your code? I noticed on your github page you said that maybe it’s because you have other DTH that contain them. Could you reference one of these DTH’s so that I can try installing it to my IDE and see if it perhaps enables this library? Thanks again for the work.

Try pasting the emojis back in and saving one line at a time. I’ve suggested this to others and never heard back so it may work.

I use a number of Tuya (Smartlife) window blinds switches which have three buttons up/down/stop.
If I would flash them with Tasmota FW, could I somehow use your device handler to controll the blinds - or does it only work for bulbs?

Only bulbs.