Sonoff TX T2UK Tasmota -Device Handlers

Hi All,

I have just implemented the Sonoff TX T2UK wall switches into my home (about 5) and have just flashed them with Tasmota, Ive integrated them all into the SmartThings (NEW APP) but im having a little trouble with device handlers.

Currently the best DH I can find in the Tasmota [CONNECT] SmartApp is the (Tasmota dimmer switch) because within the tile it shows;

  • ON

Also the Tile shows a picture of a lightbulb and NOT a switch which I really like and I want to keep!


  • Is Tasmota capable of turning this wall switch into a dimmer, and if so how?
  • If not then is there a DH that Removes the Dimmer & Signal Strength Tiles but keeps the picture of the bulb (instead of switch) before entering into the tile??

Many thanks

Tasmota will not add feature (dimming, power metering, rf, ir, etc,) to a device that doesn’t come with it. You should be using a Tasmota generic switch instead.

Just the man to speak to! thanks for getting back to me so quick

Ive tried the Tasmota generic switch but the tile icon in the new ST app has a switch and not a bulb, ive tried modifying a few of your DH (ex. Tasmota dimmer switch, which has the bulb) but when clicking on the tile afterwards it still has the dimmer section.

do you know where I can get a DH with bulb tile and only has the on/off switch within it? trying to keep it simple for the lady I care for.

Use the Tasmota generic switch

Replace ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.switch" with oic.d.light and remove vid & mnmn.

If you want to remove Signal Strength, remove the capability and the code that sends lqi and rssi.
Then delete and add the device again…

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Right! Everything Worked…

Thanks For All Your Help, Doing this has helped me understand Code a bit more.

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