Targetted Push Notifications


(Chris Means) #1

Right now, it seems like Push Notifications go to everyone that’s a Family member.

Is there a way (and if not, can I suggest that it be added) to indicate who should get the Push Notification? Family, or selected members.

I realize that I can use SMS instead of a Push Notification, but I like the Push Notification handling over an SMS for this.

(Greg) #2

They are adding a contacts feature that will do this. Some people may already have it.

(Chris Means) #3

I’m not a vegan, but there’s no hamburgers in my ST that I’m aware of :slight_smile:

Where would I look in the Android UI?



2 ways to get there:

  • At the My Home or Dashboard or Routines or Marketplace landing page, swipe from the right edge of your phone to the left, or…

  • Where the red circle is:

(Geko) #5

Not a little bit surprising. “Hamburger” menus are a poor UX choice (and a poor taste, imho) :wink:

(Chris Means) #6

Only in America would that be a “Hamburger” reference :slight_smile: We are such gluttons. I could see “Sandwich”, but hamburger makes me think that that’s 3 patties.

Maybe we should recoin it as “Lasagna” :slight_smile:

(Geko) #7

(Chris Means) #8

Yes, so 3 patties…based on your coloring anyway. I’d still go with Sandwich (as all 3 are flat)…buns are never flat, so I (personally) wouldn’t make that connection.

However, I have been told many times that I’m not normal, so not making a connection that others do make, is standard for me.

(Chris Means) #9

I now have the My Contacts menu option.

It showed up after I cleared the Data & Cache for the Android app. I haven’t found anything that appears to use it though.


SHM uses it within Security, Smoke, Leaks, and Custom under “Alarm and Notifications”, and many, many other SmartApps that include the ability to select from contacts. Some examples are ST’s own “Energy Alerts”, “It Moved”, and most notably - “Notify Me When”.