Take a shower?

I have hot water circulator pump (controlled by a GE/Jasco switched outlet), and a multi-speed fan (controlled by a Leviton switch) in my bathroom. I’d like to press a “take a shower” button on a Minimote that will:

  1. Immediately turn on the water circulator pump.
  2. 4 minutes later, turn on the fan at high speed.
  3. At 10 minutes since start, shut off the water pump.
  4. At 20 minutes, shut the fan down to medium speed.
  5. At 40 minutes, shut the fan off.
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I’m assuming that switch is not a zwave device, but a traditional switch? If so, you can get to step 3 using a custom SmartApp starting from step 2. If you don’t really need to step down to medium, then you can do what you want with a custom app.

What I mean by starting at step 2 is that your app would watch for a state change on that outlet, and when it turns on the app would wait 4 minutes and turn on the fan, wait 10 minutes and then turn off the pump.

CoRE can do it assuming the Leviton is a zwave. #core

By the way, when I saw the title I thought immediately…crap did they come out with a new smell sensor of some sort…?!?


The Leviton is a ZWave motor/fan controller. It appears in SmartThings with a slider, like a dimmer control would.

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Cool, then you can give CoRE a shot. I haven’t done anything like that before with that app, but considering everything else it does, it would not surprise me at all.


I do something similar with my recirculation, but I use Smart Lighting with time restrictions.

Using a simple piston

      Button one is pushed
      Using water pump
              > turn on
              > wait 10 minutes
              > turn off
      Using fan
              > wait 4 minutes
              > set fan to high
              > wait 16 minutes
              > set fan to medium
              > wait 20 minutes
              > turn off

Is there a good “Getting Started” intro to CoRE and/or “MySmartApps” usage? I’ve followed this: CoRE SmartApp Installation, through the last “Publish” step, but nothing is showing up on the Mobile App, nor do understand how or where to program the suggestion by @bamarayne (thank you!). I’m a SmartApps newbie, but I work as a Python & Go programmer… Groovy looks pretty straightforward. Any suggestions on best intros to spin up on SmartApps tooling, and how to “program” CoRE?

Go to Marketplace, and you’ll see CoRE there…Click done, and then pull the hamburger right hand menu and you’ll see Core again, under Smart Apps. This is where you start building your “pistons”. It will take you some time to get used to ST’s hanky UI…

Once you start plying around with some Pistons, you can head to this thread for additional help:

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Thanks. This looks like an incredibly useful, flexible app! Very cool.

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