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I purchased a GE Smart Motion Switch (ZW4006) for my Bathroom exhaust fan. I installed it, paired it, and set it to manual on and off instead of using the sensor. It showed up as a Z-Wave Device Multichannel switch. I can turn it on and off with the Smartthings hub. I thought it would show up as a motion sensor too, but when I try to create any smart lighting automation based on motion sensor, nothing shows up. Am I doing something wrong or does this device not support the motion as a zwave sensor? I called GE support and the tech I spoke with said it should. In case you are wondering why I turned off the integrated motion functions, when you turn it off, there is like a 5 second delay and then motion turns it back on. This does not seem to be adjustable, so why provide an off button??? I could have saved $20/switch by purchasing a simple on/off switch, but I thought it would be worth it to have some motion sensors.

My primary goal when I started this is to have the bathroom fans turn on for 1 hour out of 4 hours. This is required for some energy audit rebates. It looks like I can do this in the smart lighting app by turning it on at midnight and off at 1am, on at 5am and off at 6am, etc, but is there a smarter timing application out there for this type of automation?


  • Turn on fan 1 hour out of 4 hours
  • Turn fan on with motion & off with lack of motion (5 min delay)
  • When physical fan off button is hit, allow for a delay (say 10 min.) before motion sensor function starts again.

If anyone can give me advice on whether this switch should provide a zwave motion sensor and point me to any apps that may allow for simpler timer based on/off of fans, it would be appreciated.


I believe you’ll need a custom device handler. Check here:

Search the community for more information as well.


Hi johnconstantelo,
You da BOMB!!! I found my switch here. By searching for my number 26931 in the site. The directions were easy and it mostly worked. The mode is not working properly, i.e. when I have it set to vacancy so it should be manually turned on and auto-off after no motion, it’s still triggering on with motion. I’m going to try manually triggering the vacancy mode and see what that does. Thanks for getting me going in the right direction.

Any ideas about a repeating on/off application? I’d like to have it turn these fans on for 1 hour out of every 4 hours. I use the smart lighting app and did this via on at 12am off at 1am, on at 4am off at 5am, etc. It would be nice to have something that didn’t have quite so many statements and that could be changed easily . Any ideas on that or the mode issue above?


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Off the top of my head I don’t for a repeating app, nor the mode issue, sorry!

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