Question on timing the power off/on cycle

I have a ge 12727 zwave toggle switch that I need to sometimes power off wait 10 seconds and power it on. How can I automate this action into one button? tried searching, but can’t seem to find anything.

so basically it should go like this:
press button
zwave switch powers off
delay 10 seconds
zwave switch powers on



You can do this with Rule Machine, although it isn’t pretty because it takes two rules, one a Trigger and one Actions. It takes two because there is only one mechanism that can delay by seconds, and it delays everything in the actions. So we need a separate trigger.

The first one is a trigger that responds to the button push, and has two actions: switch off, and run rule2 actions.

The second one is actions only (rule2 above), and it has a these actions: delay these actions by 10 seconds, turn on switch.

Note, that SmartThings definitely does not promise that 10 seconds will be reliable, but you’ll just have to try it to see.

Thank you Bruce. WIll install Rule Machine tomorrow. Intersting that something as simple as this is not implemented by default

SmartThings, for a number of valid reasons (and some invalid reasons), does not support timing less than 60 seconds for SmartApps, although it is possible to do. So that’s the reason.

You could also do this with a custom device handler (based on a “Switch” device handler template) with a custom command (turn off for 10 secs then back on). That would actually work quite well, and Rule Machine could automate the button-push-causes-custom-command part.

Let us know when you get it set up but I wouldn’t expect you to be able to count on stop watch like precision in the timing. Too many variables. Keep us updated! Smart rules can do this as well. I have a recirculation pump on a Linear wall outlet. I tell Echo to turn on pump. It runs for two minutes and sends me a push message when the outlet is on, and sends another push message when the outlet urns off. I could also just set the pump to run when I tell Echo to turn on the shower light and turn it off when the shower light goes off, but I don’t always need hot water when I need that light on. The recirculation pump stops at a preset temp when it’s on so it wouldn’t run the whole time the light was on anyway. You gotta’ think with boolean logic!

Ah didn’t know about 60 seconds limit.
Not really sure how to do it with custom device handler. Just starting reading up on the programming aspect of ST. Time to read up

so i installed rule machine and setup the trigger and action rules. does this look correct:

and here is the rule action

also a question. what happens if rule triggers as the temp drops to below 63. is it going to keep triggering until it gets to above 63 degrees? or will it only trigger once?

Yes, that looks like it will turn off the boiler, and then turn it on 10 seconds later.

It doesn’t “trigger”, per se. But, what happens is that every time the sensor reports a temperature, the rule will be evaluated, and if nothing has changed – that is it was below 63 previously – then the rule truth will not have changed and nothing will happen. The actions only happen when the rule truth changes.

so tested the rule overnight and logic works great except i ran into a showstopper with nest. It looks like temperature reading in my nest is not updating automatically and only if i hit refresh button on the nest in ST. I installed pollster and set it to refresh every 15 minutes and it didn’t work. Got a low temp alert at 4am. It was cozy 63 :slightly_smiling:

Any ideas on what can be done?



Very good. I will not comment on the nest. I have no love of their products. Quite the opposite.

Yes i don’t like them either but not much I can do. I checked ecobee and it seems that I can’t use it without running C wire which is going to be pain

I could be wrong but check again on the need for the C wire. I think if you go battery it’s uneeded. My memory could be 100% faulty on this. Supposedly the batteries last up to 2 years based on customer feedback.

according to ecobee support it only has internal battery that keeps time and date in case of power outage as oppose to the nest that has a battery that is charged when it pulses your HVAC

Sorry. I don’t know where I got that. Didn’t mean to waste your time!
I just saw this. Will this work?

don’t think it will. I have to either run c wire somehow or use something like this to create fake c wire. Either option is not easy

Oh well. Sometimes things like that can be a pain. Hope you find a simple solution.