System Down - Server Error (August 25, 2020)

Entire systems seems to be down. I can’t log into IDE, get an error.

App shows Server Error.

Not lookin’ good…

Working for me… are you using

Same here.

Their entire system does appear to be down. Their system status is showing operational, but the apps (new and classic) won’t load any of the devices and logging into their website shows an error page. Hope it comes back up soon.


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Give it a few, status lage usually lags litages by at least 20 minutes.

Also, it may only be certain shards.

Nope, but that gives the same error as the IDE login.

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Same thing- can’t get into IDE and all but 2 things have disappeared from the app??? …And as soon as I hit enter everything came back!!

I’m dead in the water too. I migrated to the new app today and I thought I had messed up my app somehow!

MAJOR PLUS 1 here too!!!

Mine was fully Armed and everything kept going off because I just got home, but I had no way at all to Disarm. It finally let me in enough after about 30 minutes or so, and I was able to Disarm the thing, but only after 100+ notifications and alerts since I just got home and had groceries to put away. (arrrggg) Now I have to plug my Arlo siren back in and put the batteries back in the other one.

When I opened the new SmartThings app, it said Welcome and wanted to start setting up my Home location. I thought everything was gone at first.

Now everything in the new SmartThings app is all moved around so I’m going to have to edit it to put things back the way they were. What a friggen nightmare!

Note to SmartThings, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!

It appears back up. The status page says “resolved”

Webcore not good either

Mine will not recognize that I’m home. I can’t even manually change my mode from away.
It just changes right back to away.

I can load my webcore dashboard

Ah I guess I’m not the only one… it’s due to the shm outage…

Different unrelated breakage: IFTTT and webCoRE not working (25 Aug 2020)

Open for snarky remark

Well, I guess it’s related in that SmartThings development is the cause for both.