Sync 2 Lights every 30 seconds?

I’ve been doing this with webcore. Obviously I need to get out of that. Any suggestions?

Use the new Smart Lighting plugin to sync your lights if it available in your region. Why do you need to check every 30 seconds?


That doesnt seem to work. I have 1 light switch that controls a light, so when the routine happens if that light switch is off, the light will never turn on. So if I turn on the switch, I’d like the light bulb to turn on based on the other light being on.

With your solution it appears to only work when the light switch is on and there is a change in the other light.

I believe you have me completely lost with that description.

Your piston was:
sign’s switch is on
turn on halo lights
else if sign’s switch if off
turn halo lights off

you should be able to accomplish this easily with Smart Lighting. to install, tap on Add Routine, tap on the Discover tab, scroll down and tap on Smart Lighting. when it opens, tap on + in the upper right of screen, under Devices to control - select your Halo lights and click Done, tap on Actions and choose Sync with Switch and click Done, tap Select Devices and choose Sign Switch and click OK then Save your Smart Lighting Rule.

then anytime you turn Sign switch on/off, it should sync to the Halo lights.

This looks to be possible in Sharptools. I’m still learning how to do complex rules, but the support staff over there is great.

If the driver for your switches expose association groups, you can have the halo lights mirror the sign switch. That way when you turn on the sign switch, the halo lights will turn on and vice versa. Smartlighting can also mirror/sync behavior between devices. With either of those methods, there is no need to check the conditions constantly.

Just coming in to echo what others have said.

Use Smart lighting. How to find it is in @jkp post above.

It has a function called “sync with switch” in the new version. Any change to the controlling switch will be reflected in the controlled device(s) in a fraction of a second.

It doesn’t seem to work though if there is a delay.

Example light bulb 1 is turned on but the light switch to the second bulb is off. I turn the light switch on 10 minutes later and it doesnt sync up.

this is where I get confused. how many switches and bulbs are you talking about? brands/models of each?

your piston only had one switch and Halo lights.