BR30 color changing bulb that will work directly w/ ST

Here is my scenario. I have a multi sensor for temperature and motion in my outside fridge. What I want is to be able to change the color of a light bulb in my kitchen when the fridge gets warmer then it’s supposed to.

I know Phillips has a solution and I think that’s too expensive and over kill for what I want.

Any bulbs o can do this with directly?


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Osram/Sylvania makes one. This bulb connects directly to SmartThings, you do not need their gateway.

That said, there is a known issue with this brand where if your network is busy, it will identify itself is a zigbee repeater to your hub but it may lose some of the messages it is given to repeat, kind of like a buffer overflow situation.

Whether or not this is a problem really depends on whether you have others zigbee repeaters nearby and of course whether you have zigbee battery powered devices trying to use a repeater.

Some people find they don’t have any problems with these bulbs on their network, others have found they needed to remove them or they were continually losing messages from their nearby sensors.

The Hue bulbs connected through the hue bridge do not have this problem.

You can get GE link bulbs in BR30 too. But they also can have their own issues, they can just randomly disconnect from the hub sometimes.