Sylvania Lightify 72922 Smart Plug

Bought a Sylvania Lightify 72922 Smart Plug because it looked like a less expensive solution. I have now spent more of my time trying to get it to work than I saved. Tried copying and pasting device handlers that others had posted but none seemed to work. Has anyone gotten these to work with SmartThings?

Amazon listing made it look like it would work (Amazon has been at this for years and it still has useless product listings) Got cryptic Missing Tiles error message when I first tried to connect (Why can’t coders write more descriptive error messages with a hyperlink to more information) Tried changing the Device Type and it had limited functionality, set up an automation and it worked for two days then stopped with no explanation why. It is no wonder that Home Automation has languished. I’m about ready to give up put it in the box with my X-10 gear that caused me to lose much tooth enamel. Why can’t someone make something that just works without having to dsck around? If it was easier to understand the interface i would code it myself (started with IBM punch cards in 1977) none of the code on GitHub has in-line documentation explaining what each line is doing.

It seems others haven’t had too much difficulty getting the device to pair. See this recent topic for example (in which the OP was having some issues, but that seemed to be related to repeating the zigbee signal with Sengled bulbs, a known limitation of those devices).

Have you tried pairing the device without a custom device handler installed, and then changing to a generic zigbee switch device type in the IDE (as described in that other thread?). Have you looked st the live logging while trying to pair?

I agree that many home automation platforms still have a significant DIY/hobbyist feel to them (especially multi protocol hubs that can support a wide variety of devices like ST), but I respectfully disagree with that statement. I guess it could depend somewhat on what time frame you are referring to?

What limited functionality are you referring to? The switches only do 3 things (as far as I know anyway), On, Off and Mesh Repeat. My 4 switches have been working great since I added them, as are all the automations they are a part of. You do not need any custom DTH’s. I’d try removing any of those which you’ve added, then remove your switches and start over.

Here’s the basic flow I used without problem, you probably already have this much but just in case it helps you or anyone else at all…

  1. Set Hub to Add Thing
  2. Plug in Switch while holding power button, continue to hold power button until it buzzes then let go.
  3. The Hub will add it as a “Thing”
  4. Go to the IDE, find the switch in the list of devices. It will have Type of Unknown.
  5. Edit that device
  6. Set the Type to “Zigbee Switch” and save.
    Good to go.

You can also set the Type to SmartPower Outlet, this sort of works but that DTH also has power readings which these switches do not supply, so there may be some glitches or incorrect information shared with automations which look at that data. The Zigbee Switch that I use merely looks at On and Off, works reliably for me so far.


I do all that and it works at first, then trying to operate using the app it sticks at “turning off” or “turning on” and stops working. It’s right by hub so it is not a distance issue. I have killed all the DTHs started over and have type as SmartPower Plug. Not trying to turn off of on with SmartThings app because that seems to be confusing it. Have sunrise and sunset automation set and will see if it that works. It worked for a couple of days before so I won’t know for a few days if leaving it alone makes it work.

Maybe languishing was the wrong word. I’ve been waiting for someone to make stuff that just works and did not want to get “Revolvd” I bought Samsung SmartThings with z-wave and zigbee capability but am dismayed that everyone still wants to make proprietary implementation. Apple, Google could have made something but are too big to get out of their own way. Amazon Echo Plus is the first glimmer that a big company can get it.

It could still be a zigbee interference issue, from WiFi or other sources that operate on 2.4GHz.

How far away should the ST hub be from a router?

Read this post in it’s entirety on interference and distance:


Okay, good info, ST hub is channel 20, router is channel 1 so that is good, but I had them close together. Will move and see if that fixes acknowlege problem

This worked perfectly thanks!!

These appear to be native supported now. at least on a V2 hub