Sylvania Smart Home 71198, PAR 38 issues

Bought 2 of these from Amazon and tried installing them this afternoon. The first one got added immediately, but couldn’t add the second one. After some searching created this handler found in another forum. After resetting both, I was able to get both added and was able to use classic app to turn on and off.

That was 4 pm. Since then I have been able to turn on and off a few times. IDE and app still shows last connect time to be 4:00 pm. Now again after multiple tries I was able to turn one of them on, eIDE still shows last update time to be 4:00 PM. One The one that turned on, of course I can’t turn it off any more.

Does any one know of a specific DH that I need to use for these to work properly ? Maybe they just need to go back to Amazon.

Please help !!


How far are they away from your hub? I have a tough time with my detached garage that I am constantly fighting.

Mine is an attached garage. It did strike me that these 2 bulbs are the farthest of my ZigBee devices, even though there is also a Smartthings motion sensor about 6 inches from the light fixture which works fine .
There are 2 Sengled bulbs probably 10-15 feet closer, on each side of my garage doors, that has been working fine for over a couple of month now.
What is surprising is I can stand right under the Sylvania bulbs with my phone in hand and can at times turn on/off one of the bulbs. The second one just does not respond at all even though they are on the same fixture.

Given the above, I am not sure a repeater will necessarily help, but I will give it a try.