Switching from iphone to Andriod app- where is my Smart Home Monitor dashboard?

Hi, I have a ST home security setup, with door/window sensors and an audible alarm. When I open the app on my iphone the dashboard tab opens and there is a Smart Home Monitor panel where I have a switch to arm/disarm the system.
I’m switching to google pixel phone, I downloaded the app, but it is a different app. I login to this app, I know it connected to my account because I can see the sensors, but I don’t see a dashboard and the switch to arm/disarm… Anyone know where it is in the android app? thanks

There are two apps in the store - did you download the correct one?

I suspect you were using SmartThings Classic (the one with the ring icon) and downloaded the ‘SmartThings’ app (the one with the snowflake icon - that we ‘lovingly’ refer to as NewApp)

The Smart Things app I have on my iphone has a blue circle on a white background icon and is simply called Smartthings. If this is classic, is classic available for Android as well?

I see that it is… thanks

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

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