Adding an in-wall switch


I will order a Smartthings Home monitoring kit. But together with the kit I would like to get an in-wall toggle switch for turning on/off lights in my living room.
I didn’t understand if it is enough to buy an Aeon or GE in-wall switch to integrate it with the Smartthings hub.
Can I directly connect these with the ST hub ? Or do I need Aeon minimote (or similar GE commander) as well ?

Which toggle can be directly connected ?

there are many compatible devices here:

But there are also multiple protocols (Z wave, zigbee etc.)
Which one is directly controllable through the ST hub ?


I have these, and they connect directly as a zwave switch, GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch. I bought mine at lowes, you can also get them on Amazon.

So you say that If I get one of these, I can directly connect it to my ST hub without any additional GE device.
Is it totally in-wall ? I mean can I put my original switch cover on top of it ?

No additional device needed, and they installed using the existing face plate.

what about this one ?

I would prefer it because I have a square shaped switch and faceplate.
(I don’t live in US. I understand that rectangle shaped faceplates/switches are common in US but here they are not.)

See if you can get it locally also to make sure it will fit your switch boxes. Some older homes have shallow boxes.

nope, I can’t get it locally. I live in Turkey and here they don’t sell z-wave devices.

Ah, gotcha. There are specs online though so you can verify that at the least.


I am wondering if the in-wall controllers from Aeon Labs are directly controllable from ST hub.
Can I use them without any additional Aeon products ?

Yes, this work with SmartThings - I have two of them in my house. You don’t need anything else - they pair directly to the hub

thanks. so I can use Aeon’s z-wave switches ?
any of them ?
is there any special one you’d suggest ? Because there are a few options.

Since you don’t live in North America. What z-wave frequency are you using with your ST hub? Europe or North America? The Aeon micro you linked above is for us frequency. I am not familiar with your wiring but here in North America. Most smart switches need neutral and line hot in the same box to make it work.

Why does it matter.
I will order both the ST kit and the smart switch from US. So they will be compatible.
And the switch will support voltage between 110-240V AC.
So the region shouldn’t be an issue.

You are right it doesn’t matter as long as you know the frequency. Just be sure that you are not getting a U.K hub and a U.S. switch.

Unless you need the energy reporting feature you can save a few $ by not getting the energy reporting versions.