SwitchBot Temp and Humidity Sensor

I am in the US on v3 ST hub. I connected SwitchBot to ST via the official integration and everything shows in up BUT the temp is displayed as Celcius instead of Fahrenheit.

  • Temp shows Fahrenheit in the SwitchBot app.
  • ST is set to Fahrenheit
  • Every other Temp device I have shows

Any suggestions how to change is in ST?

contact switchbot. they own the integration to SmartThings and would be the one to fix it.

Mine is working fine. :thinking: Did you set the preferences in the SwitchBot app?

From the main screen in the SwitchBot app, select profile, then preference, and you get to select the temperature unit.

Preferences screen in the SwitchBot app

Switchbot app showing temperature in Fahrenheit

SmartThings app showing temperature in Fahrenheit


Well, as of now it is back to showing Fahrenheit without any intervention. No idea what happened over the past 24 hours :woman_shrugging:

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