Switchbot bot turning on by itself every 12 hours

Hello community, I had looked up this issue I’m having and not found anyone else who’s having it. I have the switchbot integration with smartthings, with it I have connected the switchbot temperature/humidity sensor and a Bot.

The issue I’m having is that every 12 hours the Bot turn on by itself. It seems to be related to refresh interval of the switchbot cloud to smartthings, I believe this because before I installed a smartapp to pull out information from the temperature/humidity sensor every 5 minutes, the sensor only updated the information every 12 hours also, at the same hours the bot is turning itself on (6pm and 12am).

Any suggestions of how to fix this issue?

I haven’t seen that problem and I have quite a few Switchbot devices, including the meter.

By any chance do you use Alexa and do you have hunches enabled? I have heard of hunches doing something similar.


Otherwise, you’ll just have to start looking for automations that might be doing it, including in the switchbot app and your smart speaker app if you have one of those. :thinking:

Thank for the reply Roberts. I checked the Alexa hunches and it wasn’t it. I have an automation in ST that turn off the Bot 5 seconds after I turned on to keep it always off ready for the other ST scene where I use it.

Is there any way of checking if other ST automation or scene is triggering the bot? I have a good number of those and that I know, only use the bot in the two I mentioned. The odd thing is that turns on at the same time every day, 6pm and 12am, and I’m sure that I don’t have time triggering routines.

Also don’t have any routines on the switchbot app.

You can look in the History in the app as that will show Automations, Scenes and Rules activating.

You can also monitor Live Logging in the IDE to see if anything is happening with legacy apps at the time of interest.