Switchbot and smartthings

Can you operate switchbot devices through smart things and through the smart things hub?

@jdroberts posted the following thread a few weeks ago…

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You really should use the search function first, but @JDRoberts will give you a detailed answers.

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Not through the SmartThings hub, it’s a cloud to cloud integration. So you must have the SwitchBot hub to make it work. But the integration works quite well, I use it for several things. :sunglasses: See the following threads

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Do you know of a video or anything that would give me a step by step on how to integrate the two?

It’s not complicated. You just set up the SwitchBot hub with the devices through its own app.

Then, using the new V3 version of the smartthings app, you go to “add a device“ and select “SwitchBot.“ That will walk you through linking your two accounts.

Once you’ve done that, the SwitchBot controlled devices show up in your smartthings app just like any other device. :sunglasses:

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Thanks so much! That will probably be for the new curtain opener as well, right?


I hope so. :sunglasses:

Tagging @Automated_House. I believe he purchased one

I thought about it, but never pulled the trigger. Looks cool!

Hi - is this connectivity disabled at this time? I tried to add SwitchBot but it shows ‘Others’ as a follow up screen, and then goes right back to that once you tap it.

Any others having the same trouble?

Quite disappointed with IFTTT integration given the delays.

Any help will be much appreciated!

Hi @JDRoberts, I’ve read your posts which sudgest you can control infra-red devices via SmartThings->SwitchBot, but maybe I’ve misunderstood. Is it possible to see devices you have added to the switchbot app that just control hardware via the built-in infra-red blaster on the SwitchBot Hub?

I have a SwitchBot Hub which controls one robotic finger and also controls a Dyson Fan via infta-red. When I linked my SwitchBot account to Smatthings using the newest SmartThings app on iOS, the only Switbot device I see when I’m done is the robot finger. I was hoping the Dyson fan would show up in SmartThings and be controllable via the followng route: SmarthThings Hub -> SwitchBot Cloud Server -> SwitchBot Hub -> Infra-red Blaster -> Dyson Fan. Is this possible, and if so, what step might I have missed?

Thanks in advance!

As mentioned elsewhere, I use my SwitchBot mini as an IR blaster to turn my smart TV on and off. That definitely showed up in smartthings as an on/off switch. But I don’t know anything about the fan. I would contact SwitchBot support and ask them since they own the integration.

@CodeMunky. Try the instructions below.

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Ahh OK, I didn’t realise that devices added under “Other” in the SwitchBot app won’t show up in SmartThings. I had to add my Dyson fan under “Other”, as the default programming of the type Fan didn’t play very well with my Fan (it would switch it on, but not off for example). I guess I’ll have to just have to control the fan remotely using the SwitchBot App. Thanks for the replies guys!

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I just setup my first IR controlled fan using a SwitchBot Hub Mini. My no-brand fan required manual learning to handle programming the three signals. The first signal was a custom “learn” of the on/off toggle. The second two signals were both entirely custom buttons, which were easy enough to create and program in Switchbot.

SwitchBot syncing to ST was easy and shows up as a device, however, only the on-off button is available in my ST app. Is this expected? Perhaps there’s something custom I need to do to sync the two custom buttons through to ST?

I just got the hub and am trying to control a fan and have the same issue – only the power button is exposed in smartthings. In addition, my fan is a 3-speed and off is one button press past that. Need to find a way to make a routine or script in smartthings to make one virtual button 3 power button presses.