Switchable plug without separate ground?

A spot where I want a switchable plug doesn’t have a 3 prong outlet (USA grounded plug). And the light doesn’t have a polarized plug (where the two prongs are slightly different so you can only plug it in one way). So the switched plug I bought fails two ways, can’t plug it into the wall, and can’t plug lamp into it. Suggestions?

Why can’t you plug two pronged plug into it?
(I understand the first issue, but not the second)

You’re right, I just didn’t push the lamp plug in strongly enough. Ok, so generally it’s harmless to add a dummy adapter that bypasss the third prong on the switches plug. With this kind of device?

No. “generally”, bypassing a safety system like grounding is considered a bad idea.


In the US, pretty much all pocketsockets will have a grounding post unless they are limited to dimming only and intended only for table lamps. The absence of the grounding post is intended to keep people from plugging in small motor appliances, including vacuums and blenders, into a dimmer when bad results can ensue.

The polarization issue is another safety feature and tends to be found on the newer models. However, a non-polarized plug will fit into a polarized socket.

So to get the configuration you want, look for an older model (probably zwave classic or older zigbee model) dimmer pocketsocket.

The least expensive will probably be if you can find an older discontinued Z wave model on clearance.

As far as current models, I think the Leviton zigbee pocket socket dimmer from their Lumina line (DL3HL) doesn’t have a grounding post, but I’m not 100% sure about the most current model.

(Leviton makes a bunch of devices using the same case but with different features, so make sure it’s the right model.)

It is in the SmartThings support database, so it should work just as a generic zigbee dimmer switch.

But again, I’m not 100% sure on the most current version as far as weather there’s a grounding post or not. There wasn’t on the original version. But I would ask the seller to confirm before buying one online.

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Thanks! I have to say this community is super helpful!

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