Connect two outlet plugs and control them together?

So I have some LEDs in my kitchen. Two separate units of them plugged into two different outlets. I want to be able to say, “hey google, turn on kitchen light”. So I need to buy two smart outlets. But am I going to be able to turn them on together even if they’re two separate smart plugs? Is there a way in smart things to do this? Or does Gh have this potential? Thanks.

You can create a simulated switch and use the smart lighting smart app to group them to follow the main switch. You could also use rooms in GH and say “turn the kitchen on”.

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Okay thanks for the idea. I simulated what I would do in smart things with a couple other smart bulbs I have. I added them then had to select a trigger. What would that be? I see you also mentioned something about a main switch. What’s that referring to? O

The two sets of LEDs are powered by two separate outlets so I don’t think there is a main switch. I guess I want GH to become the “main switch”. Or how do I create a main switch you’re speaking of? Thanks for helping!

This is the same process as grouping lightbulbs together. There’s a step by step how to article in the community – created wiki that should be of interest:

Thanks everyone! I will be sure to check out these solutions. Although I didn’t find the dim with me in the marketplace in the smartthings app or play store. And not sure what to do with code. Not that good lol

But I’m gonna stop at home depot and hopefully they have the two outlets I need. Actually getting one that just plugs into a regular socket (for the led strand that is plugged in behind the fridge. And than an actual install socket that will be seen. The plug for the LEDs is already pretty thick and I don’t want to have two thick plugs sticking out from. The wall lol thanks again guys. I hope this can work.

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Hey guys so before I try the code, I’m having a little problem. Finally got a chance to setup one of the wall outlets. The easy one that is just plug and play. Everything works except I’m getting a flicker when I turn off the lights. These are LED strip lights that I purchased from Amazon. $20 or so. Nothing special but they work great. Any ideas why this flicker is happening? I have the Leviton DZPD3-1LW. Hoping I can fix this.

I tied two plugs to one physical part of this switch using scenes in the fibaro Dimmer. The right button controll two plugs on and off.

That is a dimmer, not a switch. That is why you are getting a flicker. You should have gotten a Leviton VRPA1-1LW ON/Off switch.

That’s what I figured! Thanks for confirming. I actually went to a Walmart today to get this but of course they didn’t have it. Despite their site saying they did. They had the iHome plug that is Smartthings compatible but then I realized it had a 3 prong connector. I just need a 2 prong because I have an extension cord plug into the outlet that’s behind my fridge so I can easily get to power without pulling out the fridge. Do you know if the Leviton VRPA1 has a 3 or 2 prong male connector? This process has been more difficult than expected but I think it’ll be worth it.

Most if not all switches are 3 prong. Time to pull out the fridge and change the extension cord.

Dang okay. The version of the dimmer I had yesterday had only two and no ground. I should be able to use an adaptor to convert the two right? Sorry I know this is a little off topic.

Unfortunately, no. :disappointed_relieved:

Read the instructions on the adapter. It will specifically say not to plug it into an extension cord. The reason is that there is no way to ground the three prong piece when you’re plugging it into an extension cord intended for two prong Devices. If you use these adapters as they are intended, with an outlet that has a ground wire running to the screw in the face plate, you ground it with that screw.

It’s also unlikely that the pocket socket is going to work anyway in that situation. You’re going in wall receptacle to extension cord to adapter to pocket socket to LED strip. Not only is this likely a fire hazard, it’s likely to create radio interference. :disappointed_relieved:

It’s probably time to bring in an electrician to install a new outlet where you actually need it to be.

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Thanks for your response! Been a crazy week and finally settling down. So I couldn’t just use a different extension cord? A ground 3 prong extension cord to plug the switch to?

I’m just frustrated that I had the Leviton dzpa3 and it’s only a 2 prong switch, but was making my LEDs flicker because it’s a dimmer. The Leviton one that is strictly a switch, is 3 prong. Can’t win lol.