Switch to turn on Alexa Group

I am wanting to find a way to setup a virtual switch that will trigger a group in Alexa. I have 2 HS systems and I would like to put a switch from each in a group so that when the group turns on it triggers an action in both systems.

Not sure what HS system is? If it’s a switch then this:

I use webCoRE for most of my automations. You can create Virtual Switches easily with this:

I can create the switch the issue is making the switch turn on a routine in Alexa. So ST switch turns on > Alexa routine turns on and that triggers the switches in Alexas routine to turn on.

Hmm…Why not create the routine in ST and then it will be accessible to Alexa?

Alexa routines are for those without a separate setup that allows them to create routines.

Alexa routines are not accessible to ST. However ST routines are accessible to Alexa as long as it doesn’t violate any security limitations such as locks and/or other security stuff.

Since SmartThings introduced Scenes, I have started using Routines more but I still like cooking up my own routines using webCoRE and Virtual Buttons and the Scenes have a habit of not firing correctly.

the reason is I need my other HA system to get triggered by Alexa. The other HA system does not talk to ST so I want to use Alexa as a man in the middle

Not doable yet. Alexa needs to get its commands from voice input, or from you clicking on the Alexa app screen.

You need to grasp the difference here. Alexa is not automation; Alexa is voice control.
If you need things to happen automatically - that is, you want “If temperature falls below 40 degrees and time is after sunset, turn on laundry room space heater” - you do them in SmartThings. Build the switches, virtual switches, routines etc in SmartThings and let them all occur in that system.

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Only thing I can think of is creating a Virtual Switch for a ST Routine (webCoRE) and then the same for the other HA System and then putting both of those devices in an Alexa group. That way it should trigger both systems when you say turn on the Alexa Routine…

Well technically, with the Routines in the Alexa App, it can actually do some basic automation. OP might be able to get it going if OP can create the necessary routines in each individual system and then put those switches in the Alexa group…Maybe?

Have you actually tried this? Did it not work?

yeah it turns on the switch but does not turn on the group. I need an ST switch to trigger an Alexa group

But it doesn’t turn on the switch in the other HA System?

This is not possible.

How about we approach this a different way. What is the other HA system? The community is VERY good at integrating various systems. Let’s start there.

the other is Hubitat. All local processing and am trying it out.

Thread here. Some have gotten ST to talk to Hubitat and visa-versa…


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It can do basic ‘automation’… but any such automations stem from a voice command, not from a condition being met.

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Not to push back too much but Alexa Routines can also be triggered in the Alexa App based on a Scheduled Time. But yeah, still very basic compared to what you can do with a true HA System.

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Today, you can get your Hubitat devices to show up in ST and control them from ST. This might get you what you need.

Details in this thread



I did. Could it be that I used a different Email account for my Hubitat account than my ST account?

No, that should not make any difference. The ST-side of things is simply discovering devices (only a subset are supported) via the Hubitat “Hue Bridge” device. That is what creates the child devices. The ST-side SmartApp is simply an OUATH endpoint which listens for device status updates coming from the Hubitat-side App. The Hubitat-side App needs to know the OAUTH endpoint URL of the ST-Side app so it can send updates. Your account credentials are never used.

Both the ST Hub and the Hubitat Hub need to be on the same network for the discovery to work. Also, it takes a while after you press the REFRESH button in the ST-Side Hue Device for the devices to be discovered. Be patient. The Amazon Alexa uses the same discovery mechanism. Do you have one? Are the Hubitat devices showing up in Alexa? If so, I would think that @krlaframboise 's code should work as well.

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