Be aware of your groups in Alexa

I was having a problem with turning on a light in my Hall using Alexa. I would say Alexa turn on Hall light, and it would go on for a split second then off then on. It was driving me crazy. This morning I was looking at my groups in Alexa and found that when selecting my devices for the Hall group, I selected a virtual switch and the SmartThings device. So when I gave the command to turn on the virtual switch, or device turned on and the other toggled off. I removed the virtual switch and all works well now. So if you have virtual switches be careful.

I’m not sure I understand your point. Virtual switches work just fine with Alexa, many people use them.

If your virtual switch is the “momentary” type, It’s supposed to go on and then off again immediately. It’s like a traditional doorbell button, it rests in the “off” state, And only comes on briefly when you press it.

That’s actually very useful for switches which represent things like modes or Harmony activities because you don’t have to schedule them to turn off, so they will always be available for the next time you want to use them.

if you group a momentary switch with a regular binary on/off switch, then the results will be, as they say, unpredictable. But that’s not because of a problem with using momentary switches with Echo. It’s just the switch doing what it’s designed to do. :sunglasses:

You can’t have both setup in a group, as one counters the other. I have a foyer virtual switch and a Hall real switch, I had both selected in the group in Alexa app.

Both what?

Again, regular virtual switches work just fine in an Alexa group. It’s the momentary ones that can be a problem.

Did you read what JD wrote? He knows his stuff…

Do you have to be so obnoxious, I read what JD says, and I mis understood it. Here in this forum we have respect for each other.

There are many ways you could choose to interpret what I wrote. You’re the one who made the mistake in reading what JD wrote…and then you did it again while reading what I wrote.

So then demonstrate that to everyone, including those whose comments you read incorrectly.

To me you came off very hard. Ok then just say we disagree and end it. This isn’t a place for this type of discourse.

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