Virtual Switch help please

Is there a way to create a virtual switch via the mobile app or must I play with the ide

The IDE is required unfortunately

Damn I am 0 for 2 today. Thanks for the quick answer though.

Not sure why this is not a basic function that is just easily added. It’s just a virtual switch for crying out loud.

Just to confirm I’m thinking the right way I will say what I’m thinking. Pressing a button on a mimoto to turn off the lights. I wanted to activate and IFTTT routine at the same time. Figured I needed a virtual switch that IFTTT could trigger off to know it should run.

Try this

You can use the IDE on a mobile browser. It is not very user friendly but it works…

Man i need to take better notes on my ideas so i remember them better :wink: I was looking for a virtual switch to solve having multiple actions off of one status change. I then got distracted with getting my Sonos working with Alexa and thought that might also help. Net net I found the app Yonomi which does the Alexa to Sonos integration and also does multiple tasks off one status change.

Doesn’t do IFTTT or zwave devices yet which is what I will need soon but it solved Sonos/Alexa and Wemo/Lifx for me which since I have multiple networks in the house that they need to cross, was not trivial.