Switch for roll up storm shutters?

(Ben McGarry) #1

I have 2 roll down hurricane shutters that operate off of a normal looking decora rocker “light switch.” If you push the top of the switch, the shutters roll up. The center of the rocker is off and so on. I must hold the switch to keep it moving. If I release, the shutter stops and stays in that position. They take about 30 seconds to open or close so it would need to stay pressed for that long. The motor shuts off at the top and bottom limits so there isn’t a concern about too long of a press.
I have a switch for each shutter and they are wired with 14 gauge romex.
We use these shutters frequently to keep our lanai dry from rain but Florida weather is a little unpredictable. I have a bunch of the linear light switches installed and was wondering if a 110 volt on-off-on decora rocker switch is available and if it was possible to have a 30 second button press?

(Ben McGarry) #2

Anyone know if the aeon micro motor switch would accomplish this?

(Ben McGarry) #3

I took an amp reading. It is 5 amps on the switch. Any ideas?

(Ben McGarry) #4

It has been a year. Does anyone have any input on how I can accomplish this?

(Nate) #5

I just installed ST at my parents place in FL. This was one of their requests. I’m interested as well in if there is a solution to this.