Aeon Minimote and Roller Shutter 2

Hi Guys, i’ve a problem, i’ ve correctly installed the roller shutter 2 and the aeon minimote on the smartthings app, now is there a way to use the buttons of the minimote to lift and to let down the shutter? I don’t know how i can setting it…
With my previous Hub (vera controller) i had set them without problems…
Thank you in advance.

are these solar shutters, or security shutters?

Solar shutter

ok. Not like it matters to the function, but I don’t think I would make any suggestions using ST for a security device.

My Aeon Minimote is still working for now, in the classic app which you must be using.
You add from phone/ smartthings marketplace/ smartapp/ “Smart Lighting”,
set to "turn on (my lamp plugin) when (button, my minimote button 2) (is held) .

Do you mind, what are the make of the solar shutters? These are not so common in USA.