Storm Shutters

Ok, here it is. I have a client with storm shutters. In order to close them there is a 3 button switch: up, pause, and down. There is no need to hold any of the buttons either. What device do you suggest? Also, because of the danger of these doors we wouldn’t want anything to get smashed by them, so a camera will needed to be viewed while closing the shutters. Would my client be able to view a camera and shut the door at the same time from a remote location? If so with what products? Thanks.

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Does the switch operate on any sort of frequency or radio signal at this time?

In many parts of the United States, exterior motorized storm shutters require a special building permit and electrical inspection. You are not allowed to modify the control mechanism without applying for a new permit and a new inspection. In most cases, do it yourself mechanisms will not be approved. If you check the city permit applications, you will probably find that they require the manufacturer’s name for motorized shutters. This includes the control mechanism.

However, this does vary from region to region, so you need to check the local city codes.

The suggestion of both an obstruction beam and the camera are good ones, but may not be considered sufficient.

I’m fully aware of that, but I understand your emphasis.

Lots and lots of work is done “unpermitted” around the country. Sometimes it results in a liability, but risks are taken and are relative. Regardless, I’m removing my suggestions above.

The OP is welcome to PM me for suggestions.


Here are images of the switch itself and rf controler:

Currently the remote control is not used.

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Is there a particular reason why the remote is not used, or has it just not “been needed”?

Also, per the deleted discussion, do you know the applicable building codes / permits for motorized storm shutters in your region? Are there safety controls built into the shutters (i.e., how do they react if they hit an obstruction going down or up, etc.)?

Due to the various safety, liability, and permit related issues, I’ve been advised I can’t make a public recommendation, but you’re quite welcome to Private Message me anytime.

BTW: I noticed the brand is Somfy per the photos.

It is worth contacting them to see what their Z-Wave or ZigBee add-on control options may exist for these shutters and what the upgrade would cost.

They have pages for Z-Wave and ZigBee:

Wow… $334, but marked as “Works with SmartThings”…

nice. i’ll look into it. thanks

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There’s a thread that discusses Somfy controllers (again… not sure if applicable to the Storm Shutters, but maybe). Turns out the ZRTSI module may be available less expensive, but it also has some limitations on functionality… (?).

Well… worth reading, perhaps … especially if compatible.

Dude! Same issues. looked forever for the one.