Switch cover for Hue dimmer?

I currently dont have them listed online as I am looking to get a new 3d printer. Currently I’m sourcing them out. What are you looking to get?

Single -

Double -

Triple -

Do you have any Triple’s avaiable?

If so how much would they be plus shipping.

i opted for the first mounting option presented in this thread. here is a photo of the results…

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Hello Joe,

Are you still selling these? I currently looking for 2 doubles and 3 singles.
I am interested in how much pricing would be if you are still selling them.

Thanks in advance

Joe do you have a link of where to get these? Thank you

There are quite a few of these available on Etsy now. Just search for Hue dimmer switch cover.


Hi no I dont as I am the one who makes them and prints them. What are you looking for?

Am looking to supply them with my new home. Have a traditional switch under your mount, just wanted some details, more pics and prices. Where are you based?

If you haven’t already bought the dimmers yet, I highly recommend considering the new Lutron Aurora dimmer that works with the Hue Bridge. This fits right over the top of a dumb toggle Switch, Is very intuitive, and looks like a regular dimmer switch. We’ve had one for a few weeks and just ordered two more.


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Lutron Aurora dimmer for Hue lights (Z3-1BRL)

Also just be aware that whether you are using the Hue dimmer switch or the lutron dimmer switch, You will be limited to around 10 “accessories” per hue bridge. And multiple bridges can get complicated with a SmartThings integration. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you so much for that. Unfortunately we are in Australia and we don’t generally have switches like that to fit the Lutron over top of.

I have had a review of my lighting plans and I think I can get away with just having a hue switch beside my normal switch. Good to know that about the limit of 10, that means quite poor. Maybe I will just run one bridge downstairs and another upstairs (where integration isn’t imperative).

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Another alternative might be the new “friends of hue” batteryfree switches. But they are designed for a UK shape. You would either have to put them next to your regular switch or put a box cover over the regular switch and then mount the smart switch on top of that. Same 10 accessory limitation per Hue bridge, though. But to my eye these are much more elegant:

The new Friends of Hue partners are leading European lighting control manufacturers, Feller, Niko and Vimar.

I’m located in toronto ontario Canada. There is a traditional us/canadian toggle switch under the 3d printed spacers. Basically unscrew the cover plate and replace the cover plate with the 3d printed spacer. Than stick the hue dimmer plate ontop. Switch underneath is always on and when your looking to shut off the main switch when heading away for a trip etc just unclip the hue dimmer plate toggle it off and clip back in. Easy.

and the fixture and bulbs are within reach so I could just unscrew it

Hello everyone!
My first post in this forums.
I really have been looking for a while for a solution to mounting hue dimmer switches in a standard decora box. In my kitchen I use a 3d printed plate from Etsy, but it’s not as smooth as I’d like and pretty pricey.

I found a pretty good solution!

Taymac makes a metal cover plate that works well.

The plates are extra large and made of metal so the hue dimmer switches can be attached using the magnets built into the base.

The Taymac WMW-B is a blank-off cover but it is rounded and when used with the hue mount it rounds a bit to much to match perfectly.

What we need and I’ve been looking for is a WJW-B which would be their more angular, chamfered style of plate but also a blank-off. Unfortunately this specific plate does not exist.

A different plate can be used though, the WJW-T (WJW means it’s metal, and squared corners. -T means it’s for a single toggle switch)

Using this plate requires you to take apart the original toggle switch, just using the metal frame to mount the plate to the electrical box without having an actual toggle switch installed, then you just stick the hue switch right on top! It looks fantastic and holds quite well, but if you wanted an even better hold you could pull the adhesive strips and stick it on using those as well.

Using this method you would need to pull the switch and wire the wires together to allow power to always be at the light fixture.

This method is very flush to the wall which is one of the reasons I really like it!!

If anyone has any questions please comment back or reach out to me!

I’m in the process of converting every switch in my house to this.

Here are photos and the link to the plate off Amazon.
I also found the plate at Lowe’s and home Depot for about $3.

This is the plate I used.

A WJW-B would be perfect but doesn’t exist.

TayMac WJW-T Jumbo Metallic Wallplate with One Toggle, Single Gang, White Smooth https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FL6NV72/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_gGqRDbM89F16H

Here is the style I would prefer, an actual blank-off but the plate is too rounded, so the hue switch doesn’t sit flush. Notice it’s “WMW-B”

TayMac WMW-B Maxi Metallic Wallplate with Blank, Single Gang, White Smooth https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FL6O1H6/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_5HqRDbX8T666E

Notice the chamfered edges. This version fits the hue switch perfectly. While the “WMW” versions are much more rounded, so the hue switch does not sit flush.

Hey Joe. Are you still making these?

Hey joe. Are you still making these? I’d like to buy a few

Which ones are you looking for?

Samotech now offers a line of these on Amazon. Only standard size, though, and no triples.


image image