PHILIPS Hue Dimmer Switch - Standard (UK) Switch Cover/ Blanking Plate/ Replacement


(Chris Crute) #1

I designed a Philips Hue light switch cover about a year ago when I moved into my new house and posted it on Thingiverse for others to download. In the last couple of months many people have asked me to print them so I have, and that leads me here after a buyer suggested I post here.

I’ve designed plates for a number of scenarios… single switches, double switches, 5mm and 10mm deep switches, a blanking plate to cover unused switches, and a low profile version to replace the traditional switch entirely. I’ve also done some custom designs for people with even more non-standard switches.

The standard plates fit switches under approximately 86x88x8mm (HxWxD) with the switch itself being under 18x32mm. I also have 11.5mm deep ones as standard but can alter the design if your requirements are different.

Most of these are available for download and printing yourself here:

Or… if you don’t have a printer, or know someone who does, I can print them for you. I charge £10 each, including the magnet, blanking plugs to cover the screws, longer screws (except with the low profile one), and UK P&P. I’ll drop the price to £45 for orders of 5. Happy to do custom designs where possible and I quite fancy printing some luminous ones if anyone is feeling adventurous ;-).

Please note that the finish on 3D printed parts is not high gloss like standard switches and has a ‘grain’ from the printing process, this isn’t noticeable when on the wall. The feedback has been universally positive, I’ve even had customers who wanted to sand and spray them but when they put them up were delighted with how it looked and didn’t bother.

Whilst I only have one printer (running 24/7) to keep up with orders, I shall be ordering another to increase my throughput. I’ve been designing and 3D printing for 2 years now, so can work with most requirements.

Here’s a picture, click on the Thingiverse link for more!


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(Chris Crute) #2

I’ve had a couple of people mention that they look for me selling them on ebay, I haven’t done this yet as I need to build up a stock of them in different sizes and people keep ordering them before I build that stock up. New printer is almost tuned how I want it, but in the mean time please contact me via the Thingiverse link, or on her.


Hi, This looks great. I’d be interested in purchasing one of these light switch covers from you. Please let me know how to do this.

(Chris Crute) #4


Thanks for the interest, all I need to know is the depth of your existing switch plate (from the wall, not including the rocker switch itself) and I can see if I have one in stock, or print you one.




Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s 1cm in depth, standard light switch.


(Chris Crute) #6

I have some of those already printed, but I’ll not be able to post until Wednesday due to work. I’ll drop you a PM with details of how we can finalise this.



Thanks for swift delivery, looks perfect on the wall. Great solution. Dan

(Chris Crute) #8

I’ve finally managed to get about 30 printed and have put them on eBay for those who are more comfortable buying from there:

(Scott Ling) #9

Hi Chris,

Excellent use of 3D prinitng skills!

In my rented house, we seem to have some light switches with some fairly big rockers which are double and triple switches.

Would it be possible to do an 11.5mm deep version with the central hole for the switches cut to maximum possible size - i.e. width of the remote and to just before the magnet?

I love the idea of the glow in the dark one … if you want a guinea pig :slight_smile:



(Chris Crute) #10

Should be possible, the double already extends to the width of the switch at the top and further out just below the surface. Pictures and measurements would assist in ensuring I got it right though!



(Scott Ling) #11

Hi Chris,

Here are some pictures. Looks like they’ll need to be the 11.5mm high for clearance.

The single rocker is 12mm x 37mm, double 32mm x 37mm, and triple (not shown) 48mm x 37mm
Height is 7mm at end.

Not sure if there’s enough space for the triple, but if you could maybe do a double as proof of concept, that would be cool.

Many thanks,


(Chris Crute) #12

I’ve seen a lot of switches over the last few months but never any with switches that long. They may rise a bit high and require some modification to the design. Totally doable though.

11.5mm isn’t enough they are for 10mm deep plates.

I’ll have a better look when I’m back at my computer and not using my phone.

(Chris Crute) #13

OK… can you double check the width and height of the switch plate, it’s doable - it will need to be slightly deeper to accommodate the 7mm deep rocker as the standards are only 5mm. No biggie.

Once I have those measurements I’ll look at altering the design to suit. You will need to scrape off that paint though as that may get in the way,

Picture of the triple would be useful too, still doable but may be deeper still.

(Scott Ling) #14

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for looking at this. The plates are 86mm square. I have attached pics of the triple. Depth is the same as the others.



(Chris Crute) #15

The end of that rocker looks to be more like 5mm that 7mm, could you double check for me?


(Scott Ling) #16


Ok, maybe 7mm was a bit generous, but it certainly measures at 5 and a bit!



(Chris Crute) #17

All done, just need to print it off, happy to proceed?

(Scott Ling) #18

Yes please…

Is it a 1 size fits all, or 3 different hole apertures?



(Chris Crute) #19

I’ve done a double (which will fit a single obviously), the triple will take some more work and will be deeper as the rockers will be behind the front of the plate and not just the Hue Remote part. I we can get this one sorted first the others can follow.


(Scott Ling) #20

Think I only have the one triple. Rest are singles and twins.