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Switch cover for Hue dimmer?

(Joe Goncalves) #21

I do have them available for sale if you need. What were you looking for?

(Mike Morton) #22

Thanks Joe but I no longer need them.




Do you still have these for sale? Looking for several singles.

(John G) #24

Where do you have these for sale? I may be interested in a few. Please let me know.

(fightingmajor) #25

A note on the Etsy page said they were in the process of moving. None currently up on Etsy or Ebay that I can find.

Here is the Etsy store.

(Joe Goncalves) #26

I currently dont have them listed online as I am looking to get a new 3d printer. Currently I’m sourcing them out. What are you looking to get?

Single -

Double -

Triple -


Do you have any Triple’s avaiable?

If so how much would they be plus shipping.


i opted for the first mounting option presented in this thread. here is a photo of the results…

(Ramon) #29

Hello Joe,

Are you still selling these? I currently looking for 2 doubles and 3 singles.
I am interested in how much pricing would be if you are still selling them.

Thanks in advance