Switch always ON

I’m just wondering how to setup a switch or smartapp to be in an “ON” state all the time. For example, if it was turned off manually or via smartthings, it would automatically turn on after so many minutes.

I’m trying to set up a switch to remotely reboot a router. I want to remotely turn it off and have it turn on after 1 minute

With Smart Lighting you could create an automation that turns on a switch any time it was turned off. The only problem is that particular automation doesn’t allow you to set a delay timer. Check out Rule Builder as another option. Outside of that there are many apps out there which could be easily customized to do this.

Does it have to be 1 minute later? Could it be immediately? You could just reverse a virtual momentary button tile. I think someone may have already done it.

Smart Lighting will do it immediately also plus it’s the only app that will do local processing. Considering that he wants to reboot a router I’m guessing he wouldn’t have internet connectivity during the reboot and therefore, while a custom app might do what he wants, it won’t matter much if it can’t talk to the hub.

Thanks for all the quick responses!

I’m a long time user of Smartthings and I’m controlling a good number of devices. I just couldn’t figure this one out for some reason. Thanks!

I tried the Smart Lighting app and it works. I haven’t tested it with my router but it certainly turns on in a split second after it is turned off (either via android app or physically). I’m not sure if this very short delay is enough to make the router power cycle. I’ll report back.