Supress event notification in logs

I have a smart power outlet that reports its power draw every second and that information shows up in the logs making the logs quite useless for monitoring the actions of all my other devices. is there anyway to supress the logging of the power consumption value? i tried fiddiling with the device type but had no luck or could not figure it out. any help would be appreciated.

Try this… No garnatees but I think this will work.

Within the IDE/My Device Types, recreate/modify the device type Smartpower Outlet and rename it to whatever (i.e. smartpower Silent). In this new device type file under function “def parse()” look for and disable the line sendEvent(name: “power”, value: powerValue)

ahhh. okay im an idiot…i did end up disabling in the past as well but your method is way easier/better than mine. either way the reason i thought it didnt work is because the power information will continue to show up in the live log in the ide, but no longer is displayed in the app or device events sections