Is there a way to reduce polling and notifications?

I’m relatively new to Smartthings, having just assembled my system over the last 6 months or so. I’ve been able to get most of my sensors and locks and other devices to work just fine, and the SmartApps are working as desired. My problem is regarding the Notifications. If I want to go back and look at the history of my devices for state changes, etc, I am simply bombarded with all the “less important” notifications like the temperatures from all my window and door sensors (they seem to report every time they change 1 degree), and even worse, my SmartThings outlet is reporting the change in power consumption literally everytime the wattage changes 0.1 W. It is filling up my notifications to the point I can’t find valid events. Granted, it’s not alarming or sending me texts or app notifications, but I wish there was a way to either not record that data, or at least make the required delta bigger so the reporting was less frequent. Is there a solution? Thanks!

You could change the device handler to one where you can change the reports.
Try maybe smart power outlet v1 in the IDE

Most of what you are discussing are attributes that are updated with events. So, everytime there is a change, they will automatically send the event.

Not recommended: In the code, you could try changing the unimportant events in send events to “isStateChange” of False. This may (or may not) stop this reporting. It would have to be done for individual events.

There are other ways. Perhaps Webcore could subscribe to explicit events and log somewhere (I am not web-core literate).