[ST Edge/Beta] Xiaomi/Aqara/Tuya zigbee sensors driver

got it using your driver. Very good. Taking advantage… do you know if it will be possible for a driver to control wled?

@niquini Could you please elaborate what are you trying to achieve?

a lan driver that could connect to wled. I don’t know if the driver applies to lan connection situations

@niquini This driver supports only specific zigbee sensors.
To control a device over LAN another driver is required

Hi, I have two MCCGQ14LM aqara door sensors which I am unable to use after installing the bspranger device handlings. Anybody has any idea how to connect them? Thanks!

Hi @Nicholas1

Unfortunately, MCCGQ14LM is not supported due to



Hi @ygerlovin can I include this mijia motion sensor in the driver?

It even recognizes but doesn’t show the battery.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for the community.

Is Mijia motion sensor (xiaomi)

@Raimundo ,
If you see ‘Data’ and ‘Raw description’ fields populated in IDE, that probably means your device is using DTH and not edge driver.
Could you please provide live logging for your device?
Please note, you might need to collect logs for a while, as Aqara devices report once in a hour or so.

Yes, I understand what you said.

But I put the driver edge, tested it for two days and the battery didn’t show up, I went back to DHT Custom, so it currently has DHT and not Driver edge, that’s why I managed to get the data to send to you.

Maybe you have an idea how to solve the issue of not appearing on the battery.

If I change (include this sensor) in the driver, I can stop again and test here and notice if it worked show the percentage of battery.


Captura de tela 2022-01-07 142947

@Glauber_GD It is also in the same situation, with this sensor.

@Raimundo ,
There is currently no fingerprint for Mijia contact sensor in the driver. I’m puzzled why you were able to pair your device with it.
Perhaps, it was using other driver?

Have you seen voltage and signal strength capabilities in the detailed view?

I don’t think I got to be clear… it’s a motion sensor, not a contact one.

The data didn’t show up, just whether there’s movement or not.

I’ll delete from the app and put the driver again and send you the print

Similar here. Motion sensor all working ok but doesn’t report battery (my device monitor app flags it daily)

Hi to all,
I have to admit that I am a beginner Smarthing user and I cannot understand and comprehend everything, so I am asking you for help.
I have already tested several HUE, Osram, Xiaomi gate solutions, now the choice fell on the ST due to the openness of combining various solutions.
SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. at this address I added a repo from GitHub, I downloaded and published drivers for Aqara / Xiam, and I can see them, etc. but i couldn’t add any device via apps. unfortunately I do not see them at this address SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
so I added them manually via “from code” now there are devices (flood sensors) connected but they are often offline or I check the distance from the hub is not large. I have a different flood sensor and it works fine. I do not fully understand if there are these two different addresses, why after adding the drivers, one was not on the other.
I am asking for help in understanding and guidance :blush:

When SmartThings was first launched the backend servers were all based in North America and the Groovy IDE, which was the public face of SmartThings for developers, was on the URL graph.api.smartthings.com for everyone. As they grew in North America and expanded worldwide they introduced regional servers and customers were allocated to one of these and they needed to access the IDE via regional URLs. The URL account.smartthings.com was introduced to redirect users to the correct place. Unfortunately this happened at a time when SmartThings had already started to wind down their ‘Classic’ / '‘legacy’ product in favour of a new way of doing things and it never really got documented.

The regional servers are known as shards (it is a term used with databases). The real confusion occurs because any user can access any of the shards. That is necessary because they may have been invited to access another SmartThings Location that was created by a user on a different shard. However it also means they can add Groovy SmartApps and device handlers on the wrong shard for their own Location. It sounds like something that could be stopped but it isn’t. So you can create SmartApps and Device handlers that can’t be used.

This is less of an issue with the ‘new’ way of doing things as you don’t work directly with shards.

It can get confusing. I am a UK user but my default Location is on the original shard (it probably predated the EU shard). My second UK account, created long after UK users were routinely allocated to the EU shard, created Locations on a different North American shard, but later started creating them on the original one.

Thank you very much for your answer and clarification of the situation. Is it possible to somehow combine these “two addresses so that” github drivers are visible in the ST app and vice versa so that the devices that I add through the apke are visible everywhere?

Hi @ygerlovin good work as always

any plan to add any other xiaomi product like temp sensor or buttons?

if not have your links and i want to remove the edge driver is posible?
if you update the drivers i must installl the drivers again?

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Hi @b16b ,

I don’t have Xiaomi sensor or button, so currently I’m not planning to add support for them, since I just can’t test the code and it is very challenging with edge drivers to debug remotely.

You can uninstall edge driver any time you want, but you will need to remove all devices that are using it first. Please note, in this case you will loose any automations with those devices. This is correct for any edge driver, not to this specific one.
Once edge driver is removed you will need to pair the devices and your DTH should pick them up.

With any edge driver, you don’t need to perform updates manually. The updates, posted by developer to the channel, propagate automatically to all subscribed users within less than 12 hours.

In general, I would suggest to install an edge driver and pair a single devices to it to see how it goes. If everything is fine, then consider moving more devices from DTH to edge in small steps, no more than 2-3 devices each time.

Thanks for quick reply

How you remove the edge driver without your link?


  1. Enter hub’s detailed view in ST App.
  2. Press 3 dots in the upper right corner
  3. Select “Driver”.
    If you don’t see driver option, press outside of menu, wait for a second or 2 and retry
  4. Select the driver you want to remove
  5. Press delete
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Hi Yakov, perhaps a stupid question, but wanted to uninstall all of them, and at a later point reinstall them again. To be honest, just got the Aeotec hub a couple of weeks ago. And wanted to test the local functionality, so I installed all the drivers in your driver depo. All could be uninstalled but not the last one the Yakov´s SmartThings Edge Drivers. What to do?..have I screwed up the hub now, and kind of bricked it? The hub comes up with a message that “the Driver can´t be deleted because it´s currently being used.” Any help would be much appreciated. :pray:t2: